Daily Work

September 2018

Upcoming Events: Lab Safety quiz 9-5, Open House 9-6

         3    Labor Day- No School

         4    SCI- Name Game, Finish Flower Petal Activity, Lab Safety Video
              M2M- Name Game, Getting to Know You Activity
         5     SCI-  Name Game, Finish Lab Safety Video, Lab Safety Quiz
               M2MName Game, Survival in the Desert Activity

         6    SCI- Measurement Lab
              M2MSurvival in the Desert Activity

          7   SCI-  Finish Measurement Lab
               M2M- Lost on the Moon Activity

Upcoming Events:

         10   SCI- Chemistry Pre-Test
               M2M- Lost on the Moon
        11   SCI- Finish and Check Pre-Test, ISN/Binder Setup  
              M2M- Finish Lost on the Moon

        12   SCI- Unit Intro Reading, Act 1 Reading and Lab Write Up, Read Part A Lab

              M2M- Start Balloon Scale Models

        13   SCI- Act 1 Perform Part A and Read Part B Lab Procedure, 

              M2MBalloon Scale Models

        14   SCI- Act 1 Perform Part B Lab Procedure, Complete Data and Lab Write-up and Read
                      Part C and Complete Student Sheet Act 1.1 

              M2MBalloon Scale Models

Upcoming Events:

         17   SCI- L.T. and T.P., Finish Lab Sheet 1.1 Part C and Analysis 
              M2MBalloon Scale Model Lab- Procedure
         18   SCI- Act 2 Setup, Reading Intro, Student Sheet 2.1, Candle Observation

              M2MBalloon Scale Model Lab- Procedure

         19   SCI- Act 2, Procedure #4-7, Student Sheet 2.2

              M2M- Rover Races- Intro

         20   SCI- Act 2, Procedure #8-10, Student Sheet 2.3

              M2MRover Races- Maze Individual Designing

         21   SCI- Discuss SS 2.1 and 2.3, Complete Act 2 Analysis Questions

              M2MRover Races- Maze Finish Individual Designs and Start Group Design 

Upcoming Events: 9-24 Chemical Reactions FA, 9-28 Chemical Reactions Quiz

         24   SCI- Glossary Words, D.T. Act 2 Analysis #3, Chemical Reactions FA
              M2M- Rover Races- Maze Finish Group Design
         25   SCI- Glossary Words, T.P. and L.T., Check Chemical Reactions FA, Act 3 Lab Setup,
                       Student Sheet 3.1, Guiding Question

              M2MRover Races- Maze Finish Group Design

         26   SCI- Study FA, Chromebook Setup and Use of Tools, Act 3 Lab, Student Sheet 3.1,
                      Reading, Stop to Think and Analysis Questions

              M2MRover Races- Directions

         27   SCI- Study FA, Act 4, Reading Intro, Lab Activity Procedure

              M2M- Rover Races- Directions

         28   SCI- Study FA, Chemical Reaction Quiz, Finish Act 4, Analysis Questions 

              M2M- Rover Races- Directions
October 2018

Upcoming Events: Half Day 10-5

          1   SCI- L.T. and T.P., Finish Act 4 and Analysis Questions
              M2MRover Races- Directions and Practice Runs
         2   SCI- BW- Glossary Word (Conserve), Set up Act 5, Guiding Question, Reading and Start
                      Procedure, Student Sheet 5.1 and start S.S. 5.2

              M2MRover Races- Practice Runs and Final Runs

         3   SCI- BW- Setup Act 6, Finish Act 5 Procedure and Analysis Questions

              M2MRover Races- Final Runs

         4   SCI- Act 6 Guiding Question, Procedure and Analysis Questions

              M2MRover Races- Final Runs

         5    Half Day
               SCI- No Class- Thursday Homework due Monday!!!

              M2M- No Class- No Homework

Upcoming Events: Conferences 10-10, 10-11 Chemistry Test

         8   SCI- Bw- Glossary Words (Conservation Of Mass, Open System, Closed System), Act 7
                     Setup, Guiding Question

              M2MRover Races- Final Runs
         9   SCI- Student-Led Conference Form, Act 7, Procedure and Analysis Question 1 parts A and

              M2M- Rover Races- Debrief, Curiosity Rover Video

        10   SCI-  Test Review on Google Forms

              M2MCuriosity Rover Video

        11   SCI- Chemistry Test

              M2M- Finish Mars Rover Video, Lava Layering Activity 

        12   SCI- Activity 8

              M2M- Lava Layering Activity

Upcoming Events: Conferences 10-18, Study Guide Due 10-22

         15   SCI- Update L.T. and T.P., Act 8 Part B, Analysis Question #1, Act 9 Setup and Iodine
                       Clock Reaction video 

               M2MLava Layering Activity
        16   SCI- Act 9 Demo and Questions
              M2MLava Layering Activity

        17   SCI- Glossary Word- Thermal Energy, Act 10 Prototype Design 
              M2MLava Layering Activity

        18   SCI-  BW- Act 12 Setup, Act 10 Procedure and Analysis Questions
              M2MLava Layering Activity and Part 1 Questions

        19   SCI- Study Guide due Monday completed
              M2M- Universe: Mars

Upcoming Events: 10-26 Common Assessment

        22    SCI- Common Assessment Study Guide Due, Check Study Guide and Discuss Answers
               M2MLava Layering Activity Part 2 Questions
        23   SCI- Act 12 Demo
              M2MLava Layering Activity Part 2 Questions

        24   SCI- Act 13 Demo
              M2M Lava Layering Activity Part 2 Exploration 

        25   SCI- Common Assessment Review Game
              M2MLava Layering Activity Part 2 Exploration

        26   SCI-  Sci Common Assessment
              M2M- Finish  Lava Layering Activity Part 2 Exploration

Upcoming Events: 10-29 Quarter 2 starts

         29   SCI- Q1 LT and TP, Make Binder Growth Packets, Clean up and Setup Binders, Q2 LT
                        and TP, The Cog Video

               M2M- "Getting to Know You" Activity
         30   SCI- Physics Pre-Test, Check and Record Data
              M2M- Lab Safety Posters

       31     SCI- Cog Video Events, Act 1.1 Hypothesis and Questions
              M2MLab Safety Posters

Nov.  1     SCI- Finish Act 1.1, DQB, Reading 1.1 Text Rendering (Finish as HW)
              M2MLab Safety Posters

         2     SCI- Discuss Reading 1.1, Act 1.1 DT, Word Cloud on Reading 1.1
              M2M- Finish and Present Lab Safety Posters

November 2018 

Upcoming Events:
 11-6 No School-Election Day, 11-9 FA on Lessons 1 and 2

         5   SCI- L.T. and T.P., Rube Video, Act 2.1, HW 2.1, KE into Vocab Booklet
              M2MPresent Lab Safety Posters
         6   No School- Election Day

         7   SCI- Discuss HW 2.1, Act 2.2

              M2M- Balloon Activity

         8   SCI- KE into Vocab Frayer, Discuss Act 2.2, Reading 2.1

              M2MBalloon Activity

         9   SCI- Discuss Reading 2.1, NASA Feather vs. Hammer Video Clip, Lesson 1 and 2 FA and
                     Check FA

              M2M- Balloon Activity

Upcoming Events: 11-14 Lessons 1 and 2 Quiz

         12   SCI- Review FA and L.T. and T.P., Act 2.3, Act 3.1
              M2M- Planetary Scale and Distance Model
         13   SCI- Review FA, Act 3.1, Reading 3.1, Quiz Tomorrow!

              M2MPlanetary Scale and Distance Model

         14   SCI- Lesson 1 and 2 Quiz, Finish Reading 3.1, 

              M2M- Rover Races

         15   SCI- 


         16   SCI- 


Upcoming Events: 

        19   SCI- 
        20   SCI- 


        21   No School- Thanksgiving Break

        22   No School- Thanksgiving Break

        23   No School- Thanksgiving Break

Upcoming Events: 

        26   SCI- 
        27   SCI- 


        28   SCI- 


        29   SCI- 


        30   SCI- 


Upcoming Events: 12-7 Half Day
December 2018
3    SCI- 

4   SCI- 


5   SCI- 

6   SCI- 

7     Half Day

Upcoming Events:

10    SCI- 

11   SCI- 


12   SCI- 

13   SCI- 

14   SCI- 

Upcoming Events:

17    SCI- 

18   SCI- 


19   SCI- 

20  No School Holiday Break

21   No School Holiday Break

Upcoming Events: 

January 2019
1    No School Holiday Break-

2     SCI- 


3    SCI- 

4    SCI- 

5    SCI- 

Upcoming Events:  

8     SCI- 

9     SCI- 


10   SCI- 

11   SCI- 

12   SCI- 

Upcoming Events:  1-29 Quarter 3 Starts

29  SCI-  Rube Goldberg Work Day #2
     D.S.-  Syllabus, Course Outline

30  SCI-  Rube Goldberg Work Day #3
     D.S.-  SSR Log Book, Library, Safety Poster

31  SCI-  Rube Goldberg Work Day #4
     D.S.-  SSR and Log, Make SSR books

Feb 1 SCI-  Rube Goldberg Work Day #5
        D.S.- Start Safety Posters

2   SCI-  Rube Goldberg Presentation Day
     D.S.- SSR and Log, Safety Posters

Upcoming Events: 

5   Snow Day #5

6  SCI- Rube Goldberg Paper Collection and Assessment Day, Quarter 3 Pre-Test and Check
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Safety Posters

7 SCI- R.G. Final Paper Collection, Clean Out and Build Binders, L.T. and T.P., MAke Assessment
   D.S.- SSR and Log, Safety Posters

8 SCI- Nature of Waves Reading pg.4-9, Directed Reading Wksht, Vocabulary Words
   D.S.- Safety Posters 

9   Snow Day #6

Upcoming Events: 

12  SCI- Journal #1, Finish Nature of Waves Reading pg.4-9, Directed Reading Wksht, Vocabulary

     D.S.- SSR and Log, Present Safety Posters
13 SCI- Journal #2, Check Waves D.R.W., Waves T-Chart/Venn Diagram, Vocab Practice
     D.S.- Survival in the Desert

14 SCI-  Journal #3, Wave Video, Finish T-Chart/Venn Diagram, Slinky Demo, Sound and Light
              pg. 10-13 

     D.S.- SSR and Log, Survival in the Desert

15 SCI- Journal #4, Behavior and Characteristics of Waves pg. 10-13, Finish Guided Reading,
             Vocab words thru the front of the page, Check Waves T-Chart/Venn Diagram

     D.S.- Survival in the Desert

16 SCI- L.T. and T.P.,  Journal #5, Check Guided Reading, Draw a Wave and label the parts
     D.S.- SSR and Log, Lost on the Moon

Upcoming Events: Waves FA 2-21, Waves Quiz 2-23

19  President's Day- No School

20  SCI-  Journal #6, Wave Discussion, Characteristics of Waves Worksheet  
      D.S.- SSR and Log, Lost on the Moon Activity

21  SCI- Journal #7, Check Characteristics of Waves Wksht,  Waves FA 
      D.S.- SSR and Log, Lost on the Moon Activity

22  SCI- Check Waves FA, Anatomy of a Wave 

      D.S.- Lost on the Moon Activity, Restless Planet: Earthquakes

23  SCI- L.T. and T.P., Waves Quiz, Diagram of a Wave Wksht, Elements of a Physics Video
      D.S.- SSR and Log, Restless Planet: Earthquakes

Upcoming Events:

26  SCI- Finish Anatomy of a Wave, Diagram of a Wave, EM Spectrum Reading and Diagram
      D.S.- SSR and Log, Raging Planet: Sea Storms

27  SCI- Journal #8, Finish EM Spectrum Reading and Interpreting EM Spectrum Diagram, Sound                and Light Book pg. 14-15
      D.S.- Raging Planet: Sea Storms

28  SCI- Journal #9, Check EM Spectrum Diagram and Reading, Add New Vocab Words  
      D.S.- SSR and Log, Finish Raging Planet: Sea Storms

1    SCI-  Journal #10, Brain Pop Video on EM, Properties of Light Reading, Digital vs. Analog
              Signal Reading

      D.S.- Lava Laying Activity

2   Snow Day #7

Upcoming Events:

5    SCI- Journal #11, L.T. and T.P., Check Properties of Light, Finish Digital vs. Analog Signal

      D.S.- SSR and Log, Lava Laying Activity

6    SCI- Journal #12, Three Types of Galaxies
      D.S.- Lava Layering Activity

7   SCI- Journal #13, Solar System p. 34-37, Double Entry Log and Vocab
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Lava Layering Activity 

8   SCI- Journal #14, Finish Solar System p.34-37, Solar System Ed Helper
    D.S.- Lava Layering Activity

9  5th Hour Science- "How the Universe Works" Video 

Upcoming Events: Conferences March 15th

12   SCI- T.P. and L.T., The Sun and The Life Cycle of a Star Readings
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Lava Layering Part #1

13   SCI- Gas Giants
    D.S.- Lava Layering Part #2

14   SCI- Rocky Planets
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Lava Layering Part #2

15   SCI- The Moon Reading and Moon Notes
    D.S.- Lava Layering Part #2

16   SCI- Journal #15, Finish Moon Notes, Phases of the Moon Diagrams
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Check Lava Layering

Upcoming Events: Common Assessment Review Guide 3-23, Common
                                Assessment 4-5

19   SCI- Journal #16, T.P. and L.T., Eclipses
      D.S.- SSR and Log, Finish Lava Layering

20   SCI- Journal #17, Finish Eclipses, Seasons
      D.S.- Sumit Lava Layering

21   SCI- Journal #18, Seasons
      D.S.-SSR and Log

22   SCI- Common Assessment Review Guide
      D.S.- Start Planets Video

23   SCI- Common Assessment Review Guide
      D.S.- SSR and Log, Planets Video

Upcoming Events: Common Assessment 4-5, End of 3rd Quarter 4-6

2   No School- Spring Break

3   SCI-  Check Common Assessment Review Guide
     D.S.- SSR and Log, Study for Science Common Assessment

4   SCI-  Common Assessment Review Game

     D.S.- Study for Science Common Assessment 

5   SCI-  Common Assessment
     D.S.- SSR and Log, Turn in Log Books

6   SCI-  Dangerous Universe Video
     D.S.-  End of the Quarter Activity

Upcoming Events: Start of 4th Quarter 4-9, Microscope Quiz 4-17 

9    SCI- Q3 LT and TP, Packets for Q3, Clean out binders, Q4 Pre-Test 
     D.S.-  Syllabus, Name Tag, Seating Chart

10   SCI- Check Q4 Pre-Test, Q4 LT and TP, Build Q4 Binders and Review Safety Contract,          
              Start Microscope Video

      D.S.- Two Truths, One Lie Activity

11  SCI- Finish Microscope Video, Microscope Mania Notes, Dominant Eyes Test, Microscope
     D.S.- Make SSR Log Books and Silent Sustained Reading

12   SCI- Lab Skills Assessment Notes on Microscopes, Biology: Fungi Video

      D.S.- Safety Posters

13  SCI- Act 1A.1, Microscope FA and Check 

     D.S.- SSR and Log, Safety Posters

Upcoming Events: Microscope Quiz 4-17

16  SCI- L.T. and T.P., Review Microscope FA, Act 1A.2 and 1A.3, Prepared Slides 
     D.S.- SSR and Log, and Safety Posters

17  SCI- Microscope Quiz, Driving Question Board Activity, Preview Activity 1.1 p.9-13 
     D.S.- Microscope Slide Viewing

18  SCI- Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Biology Video
     D.S.- SSR and Log, Safety Posters

19  SCI- Act 1.1 Part 1 and 2

     D.S.- Finish Safety Posters

20  SCI- Act 2.2, Reading 1.1, Preview Act 2.1

     D.S.- SSR and Log, Present Safety Posters

Upcoming Events: 4-24 Reading 2.3 Concept Check, L.S.#1Quiz 4-26,
Levels of Organization FA 4-27

23 SCI- T.P. and L.T., Act 2.1, Finish Act 2.1 & 2.2, Reading 2.3 Finish as homework 
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Finish Safety Poster Presentation 

24 SCI- Reading 2.3 Concept Check, Brainstorming Characteristics of Living Things, Living Thing
    D.S.- Cell Jigsaw Reading

25 SCI- Finish Living Thing Notes, Vocab Words, Levels of Organization of Living Things 
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Jigsaw Reading

26 SCI- L.S.#1 Quiz, Reading 3.1, Review of Levels of Organization
    D.S.- Cell Jigsaw Student Teaching Reading 

27 SCI- Levels of Organization FA, Starch Test, Act 4.1 pg. 30-31
    D.S.- SSR and Log

Upcoming Events: 5-1 Basic Level of Organization Quiz, 5-2 Digestive System FA, 5-3 Reading 4.4 Concept Check

30 SCI- T.P. & L.T., Digestive System Notes, Review Levels of Org FA, "Start Food into Fuel" 
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Summarize Cell Jigsaw Student Teaching

May 1
    SCI- Basic Level of Organization Quiz, Finish Digestive System Notes, "Food into Fuel" Video 
    D.S.- Cell Drawings
2   SCI- Finish "Food into Fuel" Video, Digestive System FA and Check, Setup Act 4.2, Reading 4.4 
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Drawings

3   SCI- Reading 4.4 Checkpoint Quiz, Review Digestive System FA, Digestive System Kinesthetic
            Act Intro, Act 4.4

    D.S.- Cell Drawing

4   SCI- Digestive System Kinesthetic Act, Magic School Bus "For Lunch"
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Drawing

Upcoming Events: 5-7 Digestive System Quiz, 5-8 and 5-9 7th Grade

7   SCI- T.P. and L.T., Digestive System Quiz, Act 4.2, Finish Magic School Bus "For Lunch"  
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Drawings

    D.S.- Finish and Present Cell Drawings

    D.S.- One Strange Rock Video

10  SCI- Circulatory System Notes, System Diagrams
     D.S.- SSR and Log,

11  HWMS Career Day!!!

        Half Day 10:51 Release

Upcoming Events:

14  SCI-  Update T.P. and L.T., Finish System Diagrams, Pumping Life Video, Diffusion Clips and 
             Microscope Photos, Preview Act 5.2

     D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Presentations

15  SCI- Act 5.2, Reading 5.2- finish as homework
     D.S.- Cell Presentations, Quizlet

16  SCI- Reading 5.2 Drive Thru, Act 5.3
     D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure

17  SCI- Finish "Pumping Life" Video, The Connection of it all Notes, Discuss Reading 5.2, Act 5.2
             and 5.3

     D.S.- Brainstorm Cell Brochure Ideas

18  SCI- Act 6.1 
     D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure

Upcoming Events: 5-22 Reading 6.3 Concept Check and Body Systems FA, 5-24 Body Systems

21 SCI- T.P. and L.T., Discuss Act 6.2, Diagram pg. 60, Reading 6.3
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure

22 SCI- Reading 6.3 Concept Check, Body Systems FA and Act 6.3
    D.S.- Cell Brochure

23 SCI- Review Body Systems FA and Respiratory System Notes
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure

24 SCI- Body Systems Quiz, Finish Respiratory System Notes, Photosynthesis and Guided Reading
    D.S.- Cell Brochure

25 SCI- A Fair Trade Article, Lugnuts Weather Lesson, Breath of Life Video
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure

Upcoming Events:

28- No School Memorial Day

29 SCI- Vimeo "Intro to Genetics", Asexual Reproduction, Reproduction Venn Diagram 
    D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure

30 SCI- 7th Grade Lugnuts Field Trip

31 SCI- Heredity Notes, Six Rules
    D.S.- Cell Brochure 

1 SCI-  L.T. and T.P., Hybrid Cross, Punnett Squares and Geno/Phenotype Practice

    D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure

Upcoming Events: 6-5 Study Guide Due, 6-7 Common Assessment

SCI- Complete the Study Guide 
   D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure

SCI- Check Study Guide
   D.S.- Cell Brochure

SCI- Jeopardy Review Game
   D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure

SCI- Common Assessment
   D.S.- Cell Brochure

SCI- Bikini Bottom Genetics 
   D.S.- SSR and Log, Cell Brochure Due

Upcoming Events: 

11  SCI- ReeBops Genetic Project

12  SCI- Planet Earth "Ice Worlds"