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8th Grade Science Snip It  

I think all of us are ready for warmer weather!   We are down to the last week of quarter 3.  Students have been really showing a lot of growth on their understanding of the learning targets.  This week will be full of review of the many concepts they have learned over the quarter as their science common assessment will be on Wednesday, March 26. Because some students need extra opportunities to review in a structured environment, I will be providing a voluntary review session on Tuesday, March 25 for any students who want to stay after school. We will be playing vocabulary games to help them with key concepts the assessment will focus on.  Students can be picked up around 3:15.  I will also be attaching to this email a few helpful review options. 

Next week at a glance:

  • Monday, March 24- Energy Project presentations
  • Tuesday, March 25-jeopardy review or Bazinga; after school optional review session
  • Wednesday, March 26-Common Assessment for Science
  • Thursday, March 27- Short answer portion of common assessment to answer the driving question for the quarter: 'How do human activities affect the four spheres of Earth?' Students will also be self assessing their understanding of the learning targets, graphing growth of pre/post test, and updating information for student led conferences.
  • Friday, March 28- wrapping up Q3 


Unfortunately, I will not be at conferences from 4-7 pm on Thursday, March 27.  We cook for our church once a month providing meals to 50-100 members within our community.  This is an event that has been scheduled on our calendar for several months.  I will be available for conferences from 2:30-4:00 pm on Thursday, March 27 and am willing to schedule individual conference times to meet with you and your child. I will also be available on Monday, March 25 (8th grade review session) after the student review session from 3:15- 5:00 pm if that time works better for you.  I sent a note home with students on Friday asking them to return the bottom portion of the note and to indicate at the bottom your preference for conferences.  Please sign and have your child return the bottom portion to me.  I have attached the letter to this email just in case the letter did not make it home.  I explained to students that I would like them all to return the bottom portion. For those not returned, I will be trying to follow up with a phone call on Wednesday, March 26.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Remember, if your child is absent, you can find out what they missed by clicking on the classroom website calendar for the day they were absent: http://www.howellschools.com/webpages/jklausing/calendar.cfm 


Have a wonderful weekend,

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