Mrs. Tholen's science website
Welcome to science with Mrs. Tholen
We use a variety of resources to teach science.  Some of the resources include the Holt textbook series, activities and readings from the IQWST materials, teacher prepared materials, and internet resources.  

The science program blends the following important components:
*Discussions  *Cooperative group work  *Hands on activities  *Demonstrations  *Team work and cooperation  * Reading for understanding  *Homework

The Calendar tab on the left is an important tool for students and parents.  Each day I record our activities and  homework (if any).  You can also download the homework here as well.  

Don't forget to check Power School--I update it often and usually leave comments and details regarding the assignment/assessment.  Another great way to follow your child's progress and achievement is to look through his/her interactive journal.  This journal is a student created work that allows students to process information, develop critical thinking skills, express their own ideas, and take responsibility for their own learning.  It also allows students to evaluate their learning as the year progresses, and therefore, it becomes a portfolio of individual learning.  Students bring this journal to class everyday.  

I'm looking forward to an amazing year with your child!