8th grade Quarter 2
GMO Research Project
Your GMO Project Rubric needs to be initialed when you complete each station. The rubric can be found in your science notebook:
Fisher & Sidge= page 40
Hannon = page 44
Tholen = page 34
Extension web pages:



Station 1

What is a GMO?

Use the 1st and 2nd  website link below. 


F&S Notebook pg. 41

H Notebook pg. 45

T Notebook  pg. 35

 Station 2

 How do I make a GMO?

 Use the 3rd Website interactive link below


F&S Notebook pg. 41

H Notebook pg.45

T Notebook pg. 35

 Station 3

 What's coming to dinner?

 Use the 4th Website interactive link below 

FSB Notebook pg. 42

H Notebook pg. 47

T Notebook pg. 36

 Station 4

 Interpreting graphic data

 The graphic posters are in the library kiva

F&S Notebook pg. 43

H Notebook pg. 48

T Notebook pg. 37

 Station 5

 Pros/ Cons T chart

 Read the article at this station  and choose 3 cons and 3 pros of GMOs. Add a description and illustration for each in your notebook.

This article can be found under Calendar--November 22

F&S Notebook pg.44

H Notebook pg. 49

T Notebook pg. 38

 Station 6

 Political cartoons

 The cartoons are in your science notebook. This station is in the library kiva.

F&S Notebook pg.45

H Notebook pg. 50

T Notebook pg. 39

 Station 7

 GMO Video Clips

 Use the last website link below. Click on each video (there are 3) to watch. You may use your ear buds for this station only.

F&S Notebook pg.46

H Notebook pg. 51

T Notebook pg. 40

 Station 8

 GMO articles

The articles are in the library kiva. You'll also need a chromebook for the vocab. 

Article = Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops 

This article can be found under Calendar, November 22

F&S Notebook pg.47 & 48

H Notebook pg. 41 & 42

T Notebook pg 41 & 42