7th Grade - Two Week Personal Fitness Project



Definitions to help you out


  • Cardiovascular endurance:  Bodies ability to go a long distance with fatigue.  The heart and lungs pump blood through the body quicker so the body can keep going.  An example of an exercise would be a mile run, Stairmaster (at least 20 minutes), treadmill at a jogging pace for 20 minutes.


  • Muscular endurance:  The bodies’ ability to keep going without your muscles tiring out.  A long distance runner has great muscle endurance in their legs.  They can run long distances without having muscle fatigue.  Constant running or skill work builds up muscle endurance.


  • Muscular strength:  Body mass in muscles.  This is important for athletes that have to use their physical strength to push objects or people out on the playing field.  Lifting weights would build up muscle strength.


  • Flexibility (stretching):  Muscular flexibility is the ability to move a limb through an entire range of motion or for a muscle to be extended to its appropriate length.