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6th Grade Math  At this site, you can find the "Family Letter" which contains the answers to all "Study Link" homework.

7th Grade Social Studies Text - Please log-in with the username and password provided by your teacher.

7th Grade  Science Text - Please log-in using your username and password. Click on the particular science book you are working with in class.

7th Grade Math Text - This site is a great resource for students! They can take practice section quizzes and chapter tests. If they make a mistake on the practice assessments, it will explain the correct answer and guide them to the place in the book where they can find more information on how to do that type of problem.

8th Grade Pre-Algebra Math Text  Please select "Michigan" , "Student Mathematics" , "Online Learning Centers, "Pre-Algebra" and then "Students".

8th Grade Algebra or Geometry Texts- Please press "math" (top row) then "textbook resources (left column). Next, select either "Algebra 1" or "Geometry" then press "UCSMP Algebra" or "UCSMP Geometry" then select "Algebra Student" or "Geometry Student", from here you may select any chapter.

8th Grade Science  Please click on "Science" and then click on "Science" again, next click on our state map, the picture of our text, "Online Book", "Student Login", lastly choose "Create an Account" and register using the book's ISBN #.

Power School - Your student's grades and detailed reports for each class are available at this site. Please use the username and password that was sent home with your student.

Safe and reliable research databases are available via our library website, from our school site just select "School Library" and then the "Private Database Libraries" option. 

* If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of the sites listed above, please feel free to contact me at