Lights, Camera, Screen Education (7th)

Overview of Lights, Camera, Screen Education (7th)

"Lights, Camera, Screen Education" at HWMS is a class designed to give students and introduction to using digital cameras and the process of making movies. Specifically, students will learn and use:

  • Navigating the Network Drives
  • Google Apps
  • Using Digital Video Cameras
  • Microsoft Movie Maker
  • Peer Assessment
  • Storyboarding
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editing


    The Projects 

    The first project is a fun one called "The Door Scene." Students are divided into teams  of four and are given a scenario to film. The instructions are purposely left vague, but the scenario is very specific. Students have two days to film the project, then the class watches the films and we begin the discussion about what makes a good movie from there. This assignment is meant to engage the students and that it does.

    PROJECT: FILM (Finding Inspiration, Learning Matters)

    This is the big movie project where students again work in production teams and work collaboratively to create a 4-6 minute movie on topics that we brainstorm as a class. This year, topics will range from environmental, to social, to disability awareness and the goal of the team is to produce a movie that will "bust a myth" regarding their topic. Students will brainstorm topics, research, write a script, create a storyboard, learn about camera angles and tips for avoiding the most common mistakes people make when using a digital video camera, film and finally edit their raw film into a cohesive, inspirational movie.

     For a look at a week by week listing of topics covered in this class, click here.