Multimedia Presentations

Overview of Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia Presentations at HWMS has been designed to give students and introduction to using multimedia applications and presentation software. Specifically, students will learn and use:

·         Navigating the Network Drives

·         Microsoft Power Point

·         Laptop Use

·         Presentation Skills

·         Peer Assessment

·         Internet Safety (MISSING)


The Projects 

This class will start with the "My Favorites" slide show project. This is a quick two to three day open ended project that allows students to show me what they already know about Microsoft Power Point. I ask them to show off their skills, knowledge and understanding of how to build an effective slide show. I tell students that this is sort of like a pre-test, but there is no pressure other than to complete it. I use this as a way to assess prior knowledge before beginning the big project: “All about me and My Family.”

"All about me and My Family"

This a project that takes several weeks to complete. Students learn the steps necessary to build a effective slide show using Microsoft Power Point. They begin by learning the basics of how to navigate and get around in the application. We will be using Power Point 2007 this year. Students learn how to insert slides, change the slide layout, and enter information into the slides and much more. Students also build transitions, custom animation, insert sounds, insert images and insert clip art into the file. Additionally, students present their finished projects to the class using a laptop, LCD projector and Smart Board.

The MISSING curriculum is a week long project in which students pair up to find a hypothetical character named Zach, who goes missing after spending time chatting online with someone he thinks is his friend. Along the way, students learn the do's and don'ts regarding Internet safety. This program was designed by WebWise Kids ( specifically for a 6th grade audience.

For a look at a week by week listing of topics covered in this class, click here.

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