Classroom Newsletter

Quarter 1 - September

7th Grade Social Studies: The beginning of this year has been outstanding. Our class has agreed that we are all here to learn. As a consequence we have been working on inter-personal relationships and the procedures necessary for a high functioning classroom environment. We have agreed on a classroom 'social contract' and discussed the importance of character. Doing this creates a strong foundation which will allow the class to begin and maintain a positive classroom culture built on positive relationships. We are preparing ourselves to learn about the Ancient World. 


Reading Destinations: We have endeavored to build our team and the beginning of the year has been much like our Social Studies counterpart. This week we have started examining informational text and how it is organized. Also, we are practicing identifying 'main idea' or 'central idea' in expository text.   

Students are also looking at other kinds of informational text, including maps and graphs, while practicing reading comprehension strategies (ex. word meanings/context clues).

On Wednesdays we watch 'Channel One', a news video/current events website for grades 6-12, and practice GIST; a researched-based reading comprehension strategy. In this way we learn about the world of the Eastern Hemisphere today.

Students have also chosen a book and have begun silent sustained reading (SSR) and reading logs. 

Looking ahead students will perform reading diagnostics, identify strengths and weaknesses and to work toward specific and individualized goals. We will also research, learn, and teach our class peers about a subject related to our Eastern Hemisphere class in the library.