Parent Letter





Dear Parents and Students,

As your physical education teachers we have the opportunity to teach physical, cognitive, and social skills necessary for a healthy lifestyle.  Our curriculum follows both national and state standards.  The State of Michigan Exemplary Physical Education curriculum will be utilized on Wednesday within our cardio day.  We want students to feel their best every day while participating in physical activities.


                Students are graded on daily participation.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays students will be involved in either team, individual or lifetimes sports.   Team sports include flag football, team handball, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, speedball, softball, and soccer.  Individual/lifetime sports include tennis, badminton, pickle ball, Frisbee golf, and ultimate Frisbee.

 On Wednesday the students will discuss muscle identification, muscle strengthening, and flexibility with the rest of the hour dedicated to cardiovascular activities.  Students are required to take a pre and post physical fitness tests and will be given a grade given based on improvement.   The test includes: a mile run, sit-ups, shuttle run, flexibility, and upper body strength test.

Students will be graded on a daily basis with cooperation, attitude, and participation.  Seventh and Eighth grade students will be taking two unit quizzes within each quarter. The seventh graders will be developing a two week fitness program and our eighth graders will be conducting an “Energy In/Energy Out” project each quarter.


                Appropriate clothing must be worn everyday.  The P.E. students follow the same dress code policy as the school.  Change of clothes includes shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts and tennis shoes.

                Each time a student does not change clothes for P.E.,he/she will lose 5 points per day.  Students are given two days that if they forget their clothes or shoes they will not be penalized.   If a problem continues, the student will face further discipline procedures.  Students are also allowed to bring in water bottles everyday to hydrate themselves.


                From time to time injuries can occur.  If your child is injured during class they need to notify the teacher so we can take care of the situation.  A doctor note will excuse you from class or classes depending on the injury.  A parent note can only excuse the student for one day.


                If students wish to keep their clothes in the locker room they will need to provide their own combination lock.  If anything is lost or stolen it is the student’s responsibility.


We look forward to your support and a great year with your child in Physical Education.  Let’s work together to make this a successful, rewarding, and healthy experience for the students.



Ms. Tricia Clark and Mr. James Webb


I ________________________________, have read and understand with is expected of me in Physical Education and will abide by all classroom rule and procedures.


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