Physical Education Syllabus

Highlander Way Physical Education Syllabus


The Highlander Way Physical Education curriculum is designed to get students active and involved.  We are very pleased to be teaching your son or daughter in Physical education for 9-weeks during the school year.  Physical Education is very important to the entire growth and development of these young students and we want to do our best to support them in everyway possible.    Physical education involves your child’s physical health and enhances his/her mental health.  Our physical Education objectives include: 1. Encourage and assist students to learn more effectively and skillfully.  2.  Gain knowledge and appreciation of physical fitness and lead them to their own fitness plan.  3.  Encourage cooperation and understanding the importance of working with peers and have a fun and enjoyable physical education class.  We believe that physical education is a part of the total school curriculum, which uniquely focuses on the physical development of the child, which also addressing the emotional, intellectual, and social needs of the child.  The main focus for each content unit shall be:


A.  Cognitive Development

The student will be able to display and properly recite rules, team concepts, philosophies of games and fitness.

B.  Affective Development

The student will be able to have confidence and gain confidence through active participation and the no-fail system while enjoying and having fun in activities.  This will be enhanced by students being able to follow rules, build up their self –esteem, cooperation, having fun and understanding the concepts of Success vs. Failure.

C.  Psychomotor Development

The student will learn coordination and balance through Plyometrics while getting used to their body kinethesis with balance, knowledge and aware of body movement, coordination and agility through activities and skill development.


Grading in Physical Education

Students are graded on daily participation.  On Activity days students will perform exercises and then be involved in either a team, individual or lifetime sport.   Team sports include flag football, team handball, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, speedball, softball, and soccer.  Individual/lifetime sports include tennis, badminton, pickle ball, Frisbee golf, ultimate Frisbee, and orienteering.

 On Cardio Days the students will discuss muscle identification, muscle strengthening, and stretches with the rest of the hour dedicated to cardiovascular activities.  Students are required to take a pre and post physical fitness tests and will be given a grade given based on personal improvement.   The test includes: a mile run, sit-ups, shuttle run, flexibility, and upper body strength test.

            Students will be graded on a daily basis with cooperation, attitude and participation.  This is an activity class and students will be graded on daily activity.  If the student is absent it will impact their daily grade.  If students are absent they do not get credit but have opportunities to earn extra points on our cardio days and also with their physical fitness test.  Our 7th and 8th grade students will also be taking unit quizzes after two sport units each quarter  and also developing their own two week personal fitness program and Energy In = Energy out project.  The grade scale will be following the district wide grading scale.